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The IRA Rollover Lives: Update on Government Actions Directly Related to Charitable Giving

Written by Robert H. Isaacs | Posted on Jan 19, 2016

As 2015 ended and our new year began, there were two actions by federal government agencies that will have a direct impact on charitable giving. The good news is that they will benefit both donors and nonprofit organizations.

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‘Good Housekeeping’: The Nonprofit Version

Written by Robert Evans | Posted on Jan 18, 2016

Is your nonprofit reviewing its policies and by-laws every few years? Good nonprofit housekeeping is a crucial, and yet often overlooked, element to running a successful organization.

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How to Reevaluate Your Branding

Written by Guest Blogger - Todd Von Deak | Posted on Jan 13, 2016

Guest blogger Todd Von Deak presents a useful exercise to help nonprofits examine their brand and determine if any course corrections are needed.

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Retrospective of 2015: Our Top Six Picks!

Written by Robert Evans | Posted on Jan 08, 2016

Robert Evans takes a look back at 6 blog posts from 2015 that set the tone for good behavior and good fundraising in 2016.


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Environmental Fundraising at Evans Consulting Group

How Environmental Nonprofits Can Increase Fundraising

Written by Guest Blogger - Casey Combs | Posted on Dec 15, 2015

Guest blogger (and our former intern) Casey Combs, is the Director of Development at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education in Philadelphia. Casey stops by the blog to talk about the state of fundraising for environmental causes.

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Focusing on the Donor in Donor Advised Funds

Written by Robert Evans | Posted on Dec 12, 2015

Robert Evans offers some advice for nonprofit leaders and donors regarding donor advised funds. One tip for fundraisers: Consider meeting with and wooing the advisers employed by donor advised funds. They might just steer a potential donor your way.


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Fundraising Firms #givingtuesday

Embracing #GivingTuesday

Written by Ross Kasper | Posted on Dec 06, 2015

#GivingTuesday 2015 was wildly successful! This year’s giving holiday boasted more than 1.08 million gifts from over 698,000 total donors. But Ross Kasper argues that something seems to be missing from all of the noise around this day.


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Netflix, Blockbuster, and Disruptive Innovation

Written by Robert H. Isaacs | Posted on Nov 24, 2015

Adapting from his presentation at the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism Convention 2015, Robert Isaacs explains what synagogues – and, really, all nonprofits – can learn from the way Netflix continually takes risks and pursues innovation.


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The URJ Biennial and the Problem of Translating Inspiration

Written by Robert H. Isaacs | Posted on Nov 19, 2015

The more than 5,000 people who attended the 2015 URJ Biennial heard from Vice President Joe Biden among other dignitaries. The gathering was high on inspiration and vision. How do participants capture that energy and build momentum in their home communities? Start by meeting with donors and sharing some of the powerful ideas raised.


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Keys to Reengaging Lapsed Donors

Written by Robert Evans | Posted on Oct 26, 2015

Whatever term your nonprofit uses for donors who have not lent their support in a while, your organization needs a plan to woo them back. But you must tread carefully, because you don’t want to inadvertently push potential supporters away.

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