While U.S. presidential elections take place every four years, political giving, like charitable giving, never ceases. We, at Evans Consulting, are always asked about possible negative implications resulting from large political campaign gifts during an election year. Our experience over the last twenty-five years has shown there to be no serious decreases in charitable giving.

Because this question arises regularly, we invite you to participate in a landmark survey being conducted by the Nonprofit Research Collaborative. Your anonymous answers to a handful of intriguing questions will help paint a full picture for the nonprofit community for the next few years. The NRC is gathering results nationally to get a more comprehensive image of the impact of local, state and national elections on charitable giving in 2016.

What is your organization’s experience? Every vote counts!

  1. Cast your “ballot” at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NRC_GUSA.
  2. The survey should take only 5 minutes to complete. 
  3. When you hit submit, you will immediately see results for some questions. The full report will be out in September. 
  4. Please complete by Labor Day on Sept. 5.