Our Philosophy

The Evans Consulting Group, a premier partner and nonprofit consulting firm, offers fundraising consulting services to leaders in the nonprofit sector.  Our story traces back to 1991, becoming EHL Consulting Group and now standing again as the Evans Consulting Group. We pride ourselves on our ability to harness the power of philanthropic giving to drive positive social change. Charitable organizations promote the common good, serve those in need, give rise to new ideas and technologies, and work to build a more educated, just and noble country. The generosity of Americans reflects both enlightened self-interest and the highest ideals of our nation’s founders. As the charity fundraising consultants, our goal is to harness that generosity so that it can produce the greatest benefit for all.

Unique to Evans Consulting’s approach is our central belief in the importance of working together as true partners with our clients.

The fundraising environment grows increasingly more challenging, complex, and specialized. We help navigate and orchestrate this environment making sure fundraising efforts have purpose, clarity, and organization. Decades of experience in the field have taught us that, with proper training for board members, vision, and focused fundraising consulting services, organizations can achieve – and surpass — their fundraising, leadership, and organizational goals.

Every process is different. The fundraising consulting team at Evans Consulting adapts and customizes our approaches and services to fit each client’s distinctive needs and expectations.

Nonprofit Consulting Services 

Members of our nonprofit consulting firm have the knowledge necessary to support nonprofit and corporate organizational goals and objectives through philanthropic marketing strategies, including:

Meet Our Team

Robert Evans - Evans Consulting Group

Robert Evans

Robert Evans
Robert Issacs, Chief Executive Officer for Evans Consulting Group
Chief Executive Officer

Robert H. Isaacs

Robert H. Isaacs
Ross Kasper - Evans Consulting Group

Ross Kasper

Ross Kasper
Bonnie Kraus - Evans Consulting Group
Client Services Coordinator

Bonni Kraus

Bonni Kraus

The Giving Institute

As a Member Firm, Evans Consulting pledges to honor the confidentiality of our client prospect and donor lists, their business affairs, and the right to privacy enjoyed by every institution, donor, and volunteer. Most importantly, we have committed to charging our clients a professional fee based upon the services provided by our team of in-house experts.
Our fees are never based upon charitable gifts received or a percentage of contributions earned during a campaign.


Professional Code of Ethics – Member firms, in seeking at all times to provide candid and rigorous counsel, and the highest quality of services to every client, adhere to the following ethical standards:

  • Member firms pledge to honor the confidentiality of client prospect and donor lists, their business affairs, and the right to privacy enjoyed by every institution, volunteer and donor.
  • Members firms charge clients based upon the professional services provided.  Their fees are never based upon charitable gifts raised or a percentage of contributions.
  • Member firms disclose to clients and prospective clients any professional, personal, or client relationships that might be construed as conflicts of interest.
  • Member firms seek at all times to ensure that their clients will deploy gifts for the purposes for which they were given.
  • Member firms do not guara­­ntee fundraising results, promise access to the donors of current or previous client institutions, or otherwise engage in marketing methods that are misleading to prospective clients, to the public or to individual donors.
  • Member firms do not accept or maintain custody of gifts, or of gift funds that have been contributed to client institutions.
  • Member firms do not make undisclosed payments or provide special consideration to volunteers, officers, directors, trustees, employees, beneficiaries or advisors to a not-for-profit organization as compensation for influencing the selection of the firm or its services.

Member firms do not make exaggerated or erroneous claims relative to the past achievements of their firms, of their staff professionals, or of their client institutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a fundraising consulting firm? Can’t we just do it ourselves?

We recognize that many nonprofits have highly skilled and experienced development staffs as well as deeply engaged and knowledgeable lay leaders.  But when special circumstances arise and/or an organization embarks on a major, transformational campaign – the kind that happens once a decade or so – so much is at stake for an organization that we recommend you at least consider speaking with a professional outside of your organization. Calling on seasoned professionals to create, evaluate, and implement fundraising plans for your organization adds significantly to the likelihood of success. In a successful campaign, the money spent on our services will be dwarfed by dollars raised. That being said, our fees are never based on a percentage of dollars raised.

We can guide you through a complicated process, study the situation on the ground and make recommendations that can set your organization on the path to achieving your goals.

What information will you need about us before we get started?

We need your organization’s story and the story behind the story. So much of fundraising and strategic planning is about crafting narratives and inspiring prospective donors with your vision. We would like to get a sense of your fundraising history, the makeup of your board, and the activities of the organization. We would also like to hear about key milestones and accomplishments.

Are you certified or licensed?

We are a privately held fundraising consulting firm and we set forth a very strict code of performance for ourselves. As a member firm of The Giving Institute, we are held accountable for adhering to a strict code of ethics. We are licensed as fundraising counsel in every state that requires this registration.

Will Evans Consulting make donor calls for us?

We can be there alongside you, but we can’t do the asking for you. Nor would you want us to.  The truth is that donors are far more likely to give to people they identify with and with whom they feel most comfortable. We can help you become more effective advocates for your cause and train you about how to approach “the big ask.” In the end, you are not asking someone to part with money but to invest in something they believe in. You are offering the opportunity for donors to become more fulfilled human beings.

How often will you visit our location?

It depends on campaign and organizational needs, but you will see plenty of us. (Our professionals rack up plenty of frequent flyer miles and spend many hours in the car.) Evans Consulting representatives always visit a client site for initial meetings. Regular and periodic on-site visits are an integral component of campaign management. Even in this age of instant communication, showing up in person is often the best way to generate momentum.

How are fees structured?

We understand the financial pressures facing each of our clients and we want the bulk of nonprofit dollars to go toward serving the community. Our work is based either on a per-project fee or a monthly retainer. We typically bill on a monthly cycle. The cost for services may depend on length of contract, administrative needs and services, and other factors, including the overall scope of the project.