Our Clients

Faith-based Institutions

Giving to religious institutions has played an enormous role in the development of philanthropy. The fact that the world’s major faiths instruct their adherents to set aside a portion of their income for charity has, no doubt, exerted enormous influence on the growth of philanthropy in a land defined by freedom of conscience. We welcome inquiries from all religious institutions, including churches and synagogues, that are contemplating capital campaign fundraising, endowment, or special campaigns or looking to undergo a strategic reevaluation. We are actively working in many American faith-based communities and are among the most experienced fundraising consulting firms and resources for congregations of all types and sizes, as well as faith-based community centers, summer camps, and day schools.

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Environment and Animal Welfare

We have guided many different environmental and animal welfare organizations that work towards creating a healthier planet and a better home for all types of plants, animals, and people. Environmental consciousness has grown enormously, and with it, the need to fundraise for countless worthy projects and organizations. We have completed successful capital and endowment campaigns using modern fundraising communications and marketing techniques that work, including major gift solicitation, grassroots fundraising, and peer-to-peer marketing.

Youth and Community Services

Perhaps no sector encapsulates philanthropy’s essence more than youth service. Working to help at-risk and underserved children is the most noble, necessary and elementary task that the nonprofit community and government can undertake. At Evans Consulting, our passion fuels our approach: The dollars really do make a difference.

Evans Consulting has a history of overseeing successful philanthropic endeavors for children’s advocacy organizations, community centers, academic year and summer programs, overnight camps, and many other social service, youth-oriented organizations, libraries, fire departments and other public service organizations.

Arts and Culture

Evans Consulting is proud of the counsel we provide for cultural and arts organizations. Our past and current clients include cultural institutions, museums, art education agencies, media organizations, and foundations that fund this special sector. Evans Consulting understands the unique challenges encountered by arts and culture organizations. Giving to arts and culture represents a fundamental strand of our civic fabric and has a multiplier effect that can improve cities economically and culturally.

Health and Social Services

The health care field has experienced an avalanche of changes and challenges. Competition for philanthropic dollars remains fierce. In order to succeed, it is critically important to possess the knowledge and expertise to devise and implement creative nonprofit fundraising prospects. Evans Consulting brings industry-specific experience and know-how to health-related and social service organizations including healthcare grant writing sponsorship and fundraising prospect research expertise.

Education (K-12 plus University)

Support for primary and secondary education essentially gave birth to modern American philanthropy. Currently, dollars are needed more than ever as government funding has declined and educational institutions seek to position themselves for the future. Dollars earmarked for education can produce ideas, individuals, and institutions today that will transform our country tomorrow. Schools and institutions of higher learning, as well as regional and national educational organizations, are specialties of Evans Consulting. We are currently serving a diverse group of independent schools and educational organizations. We have assisted in campaigns and strategic planning processes that are able to address a school’s future and hone its mission and purpose.

Please note: We respect the privacy of our clients and do not disclose the names of past or present clients on our website. If you are interested in a particular area of interest, please contact us for specific references.

Jewish Focus

Evans Consulting is proud to be recognized among the preeminent synagogue fundraising consulting firms serving the American Jewish Community. We have worked with Jewish organizations of diverse types and sizes — inspiring and empowering them to raise ever-increasing funds.


We are considered by many to be the “consultant of choice” for congregations, Federations, Jewish social service agencies, day schools, and arts and cultural organizations. We are well aware of the tectonic changes taking shape within American Jewry. Things were done a certain way for a very long time; but now institutions have no choice but to adapt. We can help guide fundraising campaigns and marketing planning efforts that reflect complex realities without lowering or minimizing ambitions to serve the ever-evolving Jewish community.

Synagogues of All Sizes & Locales

Fundraising for synagogues is a unique and rewarding endeavor that presents an array of challenges, often tied to emerging needs and shifting demographics. Evans Consulting provides fundraising and strategic counsel for congregations seeking to modernize their facilities through capital campaigns, create or expand synagogue endowments, and address branding and outreach strategies. As fundraising specialists, we understand that forces shaping American civic life in general and Judaism in particular are presenting enormous challenges to the congregational model. But we also understand the passion that so many Jews feel and their need to connect, and we can harness that passion to the greater good.

Working together with volunteers, clergy and professional leadership, we educate leaders and members about the importance of meeting the full array of congregational funding priorities. At their heart, synagogue fundraising campaigns are about investing in community – a holy community that engages tradition and embraces the future.


The first part of our process is the development of a formal proposal for each prospective client that clarifies the services to be provided and a specific time period for the arrangement. Letters of agreement include appropriate considerations for governing a client relationship, recognizing that most contracts reflect no less than six-month engagements, and many run for 12, 18, or 24 months.

Monthly retainers or project fees are established and agreed upon at the start of each client engagement. These fees reflect the professional time required by Evans Consulting to successfully guide our clients to the accomplishment of their goals. Our structured fees enable organizations to budget appropriately and allow us to prepare for and apply our professional resources appropriately, maximizing each client’s success.

If you feel that Evans Consulting is the right choice for your organization, please contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your organizational profile and needs.

Our fees are never based upon charitable gifts received or a percentage of contributions earned during a campaign.