Nonprofit Business Practices

Coaching & Training

The Evans Consulting Group has years of experience in philanthropic consulting and fundraising training. From executive coaching and advising of foundations, to the training of nonprofit boards, we bring a fresh perspective to any organization looking to better serve their community. Work with us and build a board of directors with the leadership vision necessary to raise capital and achieve your fundraising goals.

Board Training

The nonprofit board is the manifestation of America’s democratic experiment with citizen empowerment.  Though the nonprofit board is an old model, it can be effective and contemporary if it works closely with the CEO and asks the big questions. Boards need to recruit carefully and clearly convey expectations and guidelines. And board members must give and be active fundraisers on behalf of an organization. We can help set your board on the path to success.  Our Fundraising Workshops train passionate advocates to become effective leaders, capable of requesting and closing gifts of transformative significance. We help demystify the elements of a successful capital campaign and components of a well managed financial plan that includes cash reserves and endowment funds, to help your organization soar to new heights.

In a series of customized seminars focused on philanthropic consulting and fundraising training for nonprofit boards, we can work on:

  • Profiling characteristics for ideal board members;
  • Developing standardized board policies and procedures;
  • Identifying potential leaders in an effort to expand and diversify the board and leadership; and
  • Preparing current and prospective board members for the multi-faceted roles and responsibilities they will handle as leaders of a dynamic organization.
Corporate and Executive Coaching

Corporate giving represents a growing piece of the philanthropic pie. More and more, corporations aren’t only looking at the bottom line but they want to contribute to the public good. They are doing this by establishing separate but related 501c3 organizations that are tasked with supporting worthy charitable causes. For many corporations, this approach represents new territory. How to differentiate and evaluate various requests for funding? How to measure results and progress? How to guarantee maximum ROI for philanthropic investments? As a top philanthropic consulting firm, we can help guide your business in its philanthropic efforts through fundraising training and formulating philanthropic focused strategies.

Executive Coaching

Being a CEO of a nonprofit requires political savvy, administrative skills, and the ability to inspire others. A nonprofit CEO must collaborate with a board of directors, set the tone for staff, and be both visionary and detail-oriented. Today’s nonprofit CEO is expected to be a prodigious fundraiser. At Evans Consulting, we can help you analyze your organization, make better decisions, and become a better leader. A recent study found that 66 percent of CEOs don’t utilize consultants, but nearly 80 percent are open to the idea. By having a coach, nonprofit CEOs can better appreciate their specific roles in the fundraising process and become even more successful.  Having a coach also helps to prioritize the fundraising agenda in an otherwise busy schedule.

Foundation Advising

Private philanthropic foundations are required to give away at least five percent of their holdings annually. This requirement can sometimes force foundation boards, especially newly formed foundations, to act less than strategically. We can guide foundation boards and administrators through the grant-making process and help them get the most ROI on their dollars. Exceptional philanthropic consulting and planning will result in financial gain and social return that satisfies your overall mission.

Reach Out to Us

Whether your organization is in need of board training or corporate and executive coaching, we are here to help. Please contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to discuss the ways we can help your organization reach its potential.