Communications & Marketing

In this digital age, potential donors are bombarded – on multiple platforms – with competing agendas and priorities. In this challenging fundraising environment, the nonprofit that tells its own story in a clear and compelling manner will be the one to thrive.

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Communications and Messaging

Our experienced fundraising consultant team can help your organization draft a marketing and communications plan that supports and complements your campaign and other fundraising goals. We have an experienced media relations professional on our staff to help your organization pitch traditional, alternative, and digital media.

Telling Your Story

Composing compelling documents can be a time-consuming affair and we can help. We can work with your organization to produce: cases for giving, capital campaign brochure copy, testimonials and campaign material, websites copy, and articles for internal and external use to inspire philanthropists and charitable contributions.

Digital Optimization

Social media and mobile technology have revolutionized fundraising. Websites are still important, but crowd-funding and mobile apps are all part of the contemporary fundraising lexicon. Some tools work well for some organizations and campaigns and not for others. Sometimes, platforms like Facebook and Twitter should be utilized primarily for communicating and branding and, other times, they can be skillfully employed in a grassroots, digital fundraising effort.

Evans Consulting’s knowledgeable team will conduct a digital audit of your organization and make specific recommendations about appropriate options and techniques to maximize resources, including the utilization of email marketing and social media.

Online communication for nonprofits, NGOs, and charities continues to evolve rapidly, yet the purpose is still the same: to communicate compelling information to a variety of stakeholders and donors. Although new technologies can seem overwhelming, Evans Consulting helps our clients choose the social media channels to tell their stories.

Reach Out to Us

Let us help you maximize your marketing and communications plans. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss the messaging and digital optimization we can provide for your organization.