Creative and results-focused fundraising strategy and campaign management are absolutely necessary for organizations in the nonprofit sector to thrive. We know full well that without adequate dollars nonprofits simply can’t do what they do best. At Evans Consulting Group, we act as your partner and work closely with your organization to achieve results that meet and ultimately surpass expectations. We conceive and orchestrate creative, successful fundraising campaigns supported by donor and prospect research to inspire charitable giving and champion your mission.

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Wealth Screening and Prospect Research

What’s out there? Who has given to us in the past? Who have we not approached whose interests might gel with our mission? How much potential wealth is available for our organizations to tap into? These are the kinds of questions your organization should be asking and they are exactly the sort of questions we are experts at answering. This is not a process to go into blind. We will help you gather as much intelligence as possible.

We incorporate wealth screening software and other internet research into an exhaustive, systematic approach to gathering information that shapes a campaign’s course and strategy.

Donor Recognition

Failing to say “thank you” is a recipe for failure. Donors at all levels and from all walks of life want to feel appreciated and be assured that their contributions are making an impact. Evans Consulting works with each client organization to make donor recognition a fundamental part of fundraising programs.

We collaborate with clients to create gift acceptance and donor recognition policies that establish clear options.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving – including bequests and other types of legacy gifts – represents an opportunity for organizations to help philanthropic individuals define their legacies.

A planned gift, or legacy gift, is any gift made during the donor’s lifetime which is part of the donor’s overall estate planning. The potential benefits of a targeted planned giving campaign are enormous: most planned gifts are 200 to 300 times the amount of a donor’s largest annual gifts. Planned gifts and bequests currently account for roughly 10 percent of all philanthropic gifts in the United States, which is roughly double the percentage of corporate giving. Legacy giving is an area of philanthropy that is ripe for growth. Currently seven out of ten Americans make charitable gifts in their lifetime, but just one in ten makes a planned gift.

Planned giving programs help fund future endowments and capital improvements therefore increasing the longevity and impact of a donor’s charitable gift.

Considered today to be integral to a complete campaign effort, planned giving will be customized and orchestrated through the Evans Consulting Group. This will also include ways to market and promote a planned giving program. We will help with the drafting of meaningful, useful and clear planned giving guidelines that the board of directors should approve.

Campaign Management

Evans Consulting values partnership, creativity, and a hands-on approach to campaign development. The ultimate goal may be to raise money and build organizational capacity, but the route to the goal is never the same for any two organizations. Whether it’s incorporating a new stewardship practice or identifying major gift contributors to fund a campaign for capital improvements, Evans Consulting provides full-service campaign management and performs a significant scope of work to provide both short-term fundraising benefits as well as long-term value for each client organization. 

Pre-Campaign Assessment

Just what are we getting ourselves into? Will enough people buy into our vision? What can we do to turn our loudest naysayers into our most passionate champions? These kinds of questions can be addressed through an exhaustive Pre-Campaign Assessment. The PCA process provides a thorough measure of an organization’s capabilities to launch a significant fundraising effort – an essential first step for all fundraising companies. It identifies an NGO or nonprofit’s strengths and weaknesses, examines the prospective donors, especially at the level of lead and major donors, and enables Evans Consulting to recommend strategies to make an organization campaign-ready.

When the PCA is complete, Evans Consulting compiles and analyzes the information collected through the PCA and presents a formal PCA report to the client’s board of directors and executive staff. This document will guide us in our actions as we work to turn ideas into realities.

Campaign Operational Impact Analysis

The Campaign Operational Impact Analysis (COIA), is a customized business planning document that provides an overview of an organization over a period of five to ten years, within the framework of the organization’s vision. It focuses primarily on the factors that will impact an organization’s balance sheet:

  • Operations and Technology
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Facilities
  • Governance
  • Personnel
  • Financial Overview
  • Financial Projections
Campaign Implementation

You’ve got a good plan in place, but how do you execute it? Evans Consulting guides our clients through a seamless transition between planning and execution. Evans Consulting completes a comprehensive strategy encompassing the design, implementation, and coordination of an effective fundraising campaign.

Our integrated fundraising strategy can include the development of the following elements:

  • Campaign Calendars and Budgets
  • Customized Marketing and Communication Materials
  • In-Depth Donor Research, Identification, and Cultivation
  • Gift Acceptance and Donor Recognition Program and Policies
  • Donor Stewardship Events
  • On-going Fundraising Counsel and Leadership Training
Grant and Sponsorship Research

Billions of charitable dollars are available, waiting to be put to good use. These charitable dollars are held by thousands of private and public foundations and corporations. The research required to explore potential grant sources can be overwhelming. As an experienced fundraising company, Evans Consulting professionals know how to identify funding sources most likely to support each organization’s mission and services.

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