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Prospect Research

What’s out there? Who has given to us in the past? Who have we not approached whose interests might gel with our mission? How much potential wealth is available for our organizations to tap into? These are the kinds of questions your organization should be asking and they are exactly the sort of questions we are experts at answering. This is not a process to go into blind. As experienced prospect research consultants, we will help you gather as much intelligence as possible.

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Wealth Screening and Prospect Research

In contemporary nonprofit funding, the importance of donor research cannot be overstated. Part of the reason that colleges and universities are so adept at fundraising is they devote a great deal of human capital and other resources to donor research. While small and medium nonprofits cannot match the resources of top tier private universities, organizations must adopt contemporary online research practices if they hope to compete in the philanthropic marketplace. As experienced prospect research consultants, we can help your organization get in the wealth screening game and approach fundraising from a position of knowledge and strength, creating more opportunity for successful capital campaigns, endowments, and major gift programs.

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